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Option A. Showreel Package Fee

Exclusive Discount Offer - all this WEEK!

£ 210
  • A trial version of your showreel is uploaded online for your approval. This can be re-edited until you are satisfied with the final cut.
  • We will upload a digital copy of your showreel onto Spotlight. This version of your showreel will meet all of the technical encoding requirements for media files on their website and will be available to view on your profile page.
  • We will upload your showreel onto Vimeo, which offers excellent playback options.
  • All your material is automatically archived for future editing.
  • The discounted rate is only available to members of Spotlight, Backstage, Mandy and to students. Otherwise, you will be charged our standard Showreel Package rate of £230.00.
  • Please note - This Exclusive Offer ends on Fri, 24 May

Option b. Hourly Rate

£ 50 / Hour
  • Our hourly rate is £50.00 per hour.
  • This option is suitable for actors with fewer clips and requiring less studio editing time for their showreels.
  • If you think that this option may be more suitable for you, do let us know and we will give you a quote.
  • Any updating of showreels is also charged at this rate.

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